Welcome to be part of National Donghwa University. We provide many different kinds of Physical Education Courses. Before you start to choosing your courses, please carefully read the following guidelines.

Freshman Study Plan

For undergraduates in NDHU, it is required to finish at least 4 points of PE courses.

These are mandatory courses for freshman. Activities are planned by school.

Course activity is planned by instructor. You can choose the subject you like to start.

Freshman undergraduates are required to attend the school festival.

During your courses of PE (I) and (II), we’ll perform your fitness tests. 

  • The ability to swim 50 meters.
  • Long run(1.6km for men, 0.8km for women.)

Modular Courses

During your PE (III) and (IV), you can choose the subject you are interested about.

Taking Course

  • You should arrive the place on time, if you need to take an absent leave, please notify your instructor beforehand.
  • If you reaches 3 times of unexpected absents in a course, the instructor of the course may fail you from the course.
  • On raining day, the course will be taken indoors. If there's no further notice.
  • The courses continues on mid-terms and final terms.

Graduation Requirements

4 Points

of PE Courses

Long run

passed or exempted by taking additional courses.

Swimming 50m

passed or exempted by taking additional courses.